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Blissed Out Saturday

  • yoga healing glasgow 22 Mansfield St Glasgow, G11 United Kingdom (map)

Join me for an afternoon of blissful group healing and meditation.

On Saturday August 1st, I will be holding this event at Yoga Healing Glasgow, a beautiful little yoga studio in the west end of Glasgow. 

Let me ask you a question...

What do you really want in life? 

Do you want more money, better relationships, a healthier and fitter body? Maybe more business success? Our external desires are as varied as we are unique beings, but what I've come to know is that when we peel back our desires to the deepest level, the common denominator is that we all desire deep inner peace, stillness, love... in other words, we all want to be our SELF. We all want to reunite with the truth of who we are, our divinity. Why? Because that is the journey of being human, to know one's SELF.

So what I offer is a opportunity to let go of the striving, the external searching for success, wealth, loving relationships, if only for just a few hours. I'm not saying that we should give up our desires, only that we relax, and rest in the deep bliss and peace that we are ultimately searching for. 

So please accept this invitation to join us for an afternoon of relaxing into deep peace and stillness, into the fuller potential of YOU. 

The cost is £30 for the first 2 hrs, and if you wish to stay for the third hour it will just cost another £10. In this last hour you may have an opportunity to receive 1-2-1 healing.