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Stop and Do Nothing ~ a peaceful way to heal and transform your life

So this title may have you asking, 'how will I ever achieve anything if i stop and do nothing?' This was the same question I asked myself too. 

And the answer is that when I truly decided to STOP and DO NOTHING, I could appreciate what it felt like to BE. Truly BE, with a depth of acceptance and allowing of life as it is. 



From this state of BEING, my work transformed, my spiritual journey transformed, my life perspective transformed, and this journey of transformation was like a welcoming home to a deep INNER PEACE that I had forgotten. But it was always there, and it is the same for you.

So, let me ask you? What do you want to achieve in your life? And are you getting exactly what you want or need? 

Are you struggling on the surface of life, battling away, trying to make life work for you in the way you think it should? If so, are you really getting anywhere? Does it exhaust you? I know it exhausted me.

So, I am offering this event as an invitation to join me in STOPPING, DOING NOTHING, and just BEING and through our time together, we will journey into such a DEEP HEALING PEACE.

This will be a POWERFUL HEALING ENERGY FIELD in which you can surrender your ideas of limitation, your worries and fears and allow the real unlimited, authentic YOU to make an appearance. Are you ready to allow your potential to blossom?

If you feel it's time to LET GO of your old ways of trying to make life work, and maybe start a NEW way of living, of BEING, then please accept this invitation to share a wonderful, love-filled FIELD OF POSSIBILITIES.

We will start at 1pm, and finish by 4pm, and the price is £45. Please share the event with your friends. 

There is an early bird price of £40, if paid in full by midnight JUNE 26th. 

ALSO....From 4pm-5pm, I will be holding 1-2-1 healing sessions, for alleviating physical or emotional pain. This pain clinic will be a very clear example of healing from a place of STILLNESS, a deep peace and serenity, where I stop and do nothing, just hold a profound space for your body and mind to heal in a way that is PERFECT for you.  

These short sessions will last 15-20mins. The cost is £30.

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