new possibilities

Closing Doors

I recently experienced a week of beautiful healing energy in Turkey. I was attending a Light Grids workshop, facilitated by my friend, Damien Wynne ( Having studied this beautiful healing technique for many years, I was excited to be in its embrace once again. Deep down, I knew that it would be a powerful experience for me, that it would enable me to close some doors to the past and move forward in life, opening myself to greater possibilities. And this is what happened. 

Sometimes we can carry old flames in our hearts, remnants of ancient memories clinging to us for remembrance and recognition, begging for our attention to let go. Holding on can prevent us from living in the moment, from truly being who we are, and stopping us from moving forward in life.

On this wonderful retreat, I let that old flame dance its last dance. Witnessing the closure of this old story was a freeing experience for me, and I have to thank Damien and the wonderful work he does for providing the space for this letting go. 

So, where in life are you holding on to some faint hope, a promise that life and love will bend to your will? This week in Turkey was a pure experience of letting go. It was a reminder that by holding onto old dreams, new possibilities don't have the space to make themselves known.

I have learnt and continue to learn that closing doors to the past allows new doors of opportunity to open. This, for me, is a joyful letting go of old identity. This, for me, is an opening of the heart and mind to new adventures, new vistas of experience. And as I write these last words, I truly feel that change is in the air, and I can feel it passing through me as it brings new opportunities to my door. All I need to do is wait, be present, still and then open these new doors. What awaits me on the other side God knows, but I am willing to be surprised.