I will start my blog with a declaration of gratitude. I want to thank everyone and every life experience that has brought me to this very moment. 

A few weeks ago, I turned up at Melanie Lewis's B&B at Lochearnhead, Scotland ( for a photo shoot. I have known Melanie for a few years and I'm so fond of her quirkiness, her joy and laughter, and her ability to just be out there. And of course, I am in love with her photography. So when she agreed to take some photos of me, I jumped at the chance. 

When I got there, and after a cup of coffee, we jumped in her 4x4 and ascended up a very narrow path into the hills. As we laughed nervously brushing through the terrain, I knew I was going to experience something challenging. It was. But it was lovely. The energy was so still as we got comfortable in our respective roles of model and photographer. 

I'm not used to getting photos taken and, as I was tired and dehydrated, I thought I would end up looking less than totally amazing. 

After the hills we descended to the loch, where I was to walk barefoot in icy cold Scottish waters. It was so much fun, shivering, wondering if I was going to fall face first into the peaty shallows. Fortunately, I didn't.

We then went to Melanie's home, where we got more into the swing of it, relaxing more and more. In her renovated Croft, we managed to take quite a few beautiful shots. I have really deep set eyes, but Melanie was able to capture them. For that, I think she is a miracle worker. 

So, all in all, my photo shoot was a success. Was I overly critical of my modelling abilities? Absolutely. Was I impressed by Melanie's beautiful and unique take on the day? Absolutely. Am I grateful for the lovely shots taken? Absolutely. 

Ok, first blog post over and done with. Look out for more posts in the coming weeks.